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6 Pillars of Running

In theory runningn is - like eating, drinking or breathing- a completely natural thing. Sadly we lose this gift when we grow up. Just watch the front runners in one of the big marathons and compare them to the rest of the field to understand what I'm talking about.

My experience of more than 30 years of long distance running allowed me to developed the "6 pillars of running". I realized that running a sub 3 hour marathon or 100 kilometers in the mountains is not only for a rare species of human super athletes but possible for EVERYBODY on any given day. As long as healthy and conditioned the right way. The "6 Pillars" are a complete game changer. Best to compare with deleting and completely renewing a HDD. You will become much faster, stronger and  powerful. Not only at running but in your daily life.

€ 165,- per month

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